EYEBROWS  |  defining and shaping

Of all the facial features, the eyebrows are among the most expressive and subtle. They reveal details not only of one’s fashion sensibility but also of one’s personality, humour, wit. Lifting and shaping the brows through plucking is one of the simplest ways to streamline your look and neaten up your face. It is a major pick-me-up for any woman, no matter what her age. A slight arch can give a face freshness and youthfulness, but be careful: going overboard with the arch can transform you into Cruella Deville. Eyebrows are the most expressive feature of a face, tweezing the brow correctly can make the eyes seem larger and it opens up the whole face.



LIPS  |  perfect cherry red

Wearing lip colour is the quickest and simplest way to alter the way one’s whole face look. Full lips have been fashionable for quite some time now and they can be beautiful but smaller lips can be just as appealing and sexy. For a basic lip lesson, line the lips, using your choice of pencil, keeping to the natural lip line. Then, fill the entire mouth with pencil. Next take a lip brush and fill in the entire mouth up to the same edge as the pencil. Finally, blot with a single ply of tissue, re-apply and blot again.




EYES   |  eye shadow and smoky eyes

Eyes are my passion. I fall for eyes because of their communicative quality and that is what makes them so appealing. To be honest this kaleidoscopic effect of eyes is what that kept poets mesmerized. And makeup can only enhance, enlarge, or emphasize this particular feature and make them even more intense and expressive. Layering is a good way to start for someone afraid of colour. First apply a shade like gold or a soft brown or beige to the lid, and then add touches of colours to highlight. To give a natural lift to your eyes, before or after you apply any coloured shadows, blend a little grey or brown or black pencil into the very base of the upper lashes, upper corner of the eyes. This lining the edge makes our Bengali eyes appealing.



The smoky eye:

Brigitte Bardot’s smoky eyes took the late 50s and early 60s by storm, ever since there have been many versions of this style which are still very popular today. Farzana Shakil’s dark black eye makeup on famous model Chaity recently had the same mesmerizing effect on Dhaka. In fact smoky eye is Farzana’s personal favourite and she built her fame on it. There is no makeup more difficult to do well than perfecting this look. A smoky eye is best realized with matte shadows, and pearlised ones to give highlights. You can get a smoky eye using a colour other than deep brown or black, deep shades of blue, green, or violet will have the same effect. For a soft and simple version use only one shade of shadow, for a little more intensity use two shadows. To achieve a deep smoky look use three shadows, and for a dramatically strong and sexy look use four shadows. The small basic tip for our woman with heavy eyelids, apply more makeup under the eye to give the shape of your eyes balance and to avoid making them look top-heavy.



SKIN |  skin care

Drawing upon the essence of nature’s wisdom to create healthy and beautiful skin, our facial treatments are famous in the country. Give your skin a shining glow with our specialized facial treatments and stay fresh round the year.